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How to choose the right colour for your home?

When choosing interior color schemes you will need to see all aspects of your current and future decorating styles of your home. From the flooring materials to your furnishings all colors and textures will affect the possible choices and the final outcome of your interior design.

When is it a good time to painting?

The planning for painting should start well in advance to take care of occasions like Festivals, Inauguration, weddings etc. Keep in mind the planning for the same has to start at least 45 days before monsoon. Though even in monsoon you can paint on a relatively dry week, but it is advisable to finish painting before monsoon or start painting after monsoon.

How to prepare for the finish paint?

Surface Preparation: To make sure the walls have been sanded and for dusting off the walls.
Priming: We prefer to have the primer tinted close to the finish colour. You get better coverage from the finish paint.

How to Use a Brush and Roller?

The grip you use depends on the brush you’ve chosen. Trim and sash brushes with pencil handles are grasped much as you would a pencil, with the thumb and the first two fingers of the hand. This technique gives you excellent control for intricate painting. you need a stronger grip because the brushes are wider and heavier. Hold the handle with the entire hand.

Does Goutam paints offer paints for Wood and Metal surfaces?

Yes, We also have special paints for Wood and Metals.
For wood and wall paint we offer : Goutam Synthetic Enamel and Goutam Satin Finish.
For Metal paint we offer : Goutam Ploycromatic Paint and Goutam Aluminium Paint.